A few weeks ago, we started a new study on the corona virus at the testing center in Saarbrücken (Messegelände Saarbrücken). In cooperation with the ZF AG, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Saarland (KV) and the Bundeswehr we are investigating whether symptoms of COVID-19 can be detected contactlessly with a battery of cameras and microphones. We expect the first results in summer 2020.
The applied methodology allows no reliable diagnosis, but could help to reduce the number of unnecessary laboratory tests by the early identification of suspected cases of SARS-CoV2 infections.
On May, 12 2020, local and regional political representatives (Christian Seel – Saarland State Secretary, Peter Gillo – director of the regional association Saarbrücken and Uwe Conradt – Mayor of Saarbrücken), as well as a delegation of the Bundeswehr (Generalleutnant Schelleis, Oberst Schirra and Oberst Heisner) visited our research setup. A short film interview about this visit can be found in the SR media center:
Studie zu kontaktlosen Corona-Tests angelaufen.
Also, the regional newspaper published two articles with additional information about our COVID-19 study:
Forscher aus dem Saarland wollen COVID Symptome mit Kameras finden ,
Saarländische Forscher untersuchen neues COVID-19 Testverfahren.

Remote detection of COVID-19