Functional 2-photon microscopy is a key technology for imaging neuronal activity which can, however, contain non-rigid movement artifacts. Despite the established performance of variational optical flow (OF) estimation in different computer vision areas and the importance of movement correction for 2-photon applications, no OF-based method for 2-photon imaging is available. We developed the easy-to-use toolbox Flow-Registration that outperforms previous alignment tools and allows to align and reconstruct even low signal-to-noise 2-photon imaging data.

Video Results

Supplemental video 1 (drug injection sequence)

Supplemental video 2 (saline injection sequences)

Supplemental video 3 (layer23 - layer1 - layer5 - CaPKA)

Supplemental video 4 (Jupiter demo)

Code and Citation


The Flow-Registration toolbox will be available for download from GitHub soon.


Our paper preprint is available on BioRxiv.

Please cite our work with:

P. Flotho, S. Nomura, B. Kuhn and D. J. Strauss, “Software for Non-Parametric Image Registration of 2-Photon Imaging Data,” bioRxiv, 2021.

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